A Day in the Life

Miles: 528.7
Location: John and Janice’s house, Scott’s Valley, CA

Just spent the evening talking with John about all the old stuff – music, beer, and ideas. It’s funny that after all this time the conversation still seems fresh. (I reconsidered using ‘fresh’ because I understand that the kids have worn it into a cliché these days, but dammit, it’s the right word. No-good kids.)

I will backfill this entry with the names of the bands that we listened to, but one of those bands was Polkacide – the raw takes from a recent studio session, and I thought it further proof that those boys were born to do a live album. The raw takes demonstrate that they’re better when they just go after it without thinking so hard.

I heard a couple of new stories from old Polkacide gigs, and I heard music by the Polkaholics, which everyone must experience before they die. Which means that before tonight, I did not need to fear death. Had I only known! My life could have been so carefree until now, when the shadow of death has become irrefutably real. Curse you, Polkaholics!

We also drank several beers. I’m going to sleep now.

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. followed the map link hoping for a napkin scanner breakthrough… just to find Scotts Valley. Keep working on it, the napkin scanner will triumph!

  2. putting in those map links turned into a real pain (mainly because I wanted to make sure no addresses came up). iBlog is not good about letting you edit a link; once you define it, you can’t go back and tweak it. At least, I haven’t figured out how.

    Also, anyone know a map service that would let me put many dots onto a single map?

  3. I certainly intend to do so. I haven’t been getting out much, but the project I’m working on is on a QA cycle now, which means I’ll have more time for exploring and hanging out with folks.

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