The Google Has Landed

Feel free to look around, leave a comment, or whatever. Leave your mark – who knows, it may be worth something someday.

Searches for the last couple of days have included:

“Half Baked Ideas” (came up 10th) was used twice today from two different ip addresses
“build motorcycle contest” (came up 2nd)
“iblog hit meter” (came in first!)
“La Dolce Vida” (came in first in an aol search) has been used more than once
“la dolce vida” (also came in first on Google)
“tomash czech” (came in fifth)

and it goes on. Misspelling vita certainly helped my rankings among similarly impaired searchers. Now, of course, since I have used all the key words again, google will send even more people here that really have no interest in what I have to say. I think variety is the key. If you put in enough unrelated topics, you’ll get some odd matches. And who knows? Maybe out there is someone who is really interested in building a hotel on the moon or a robot race vehicle.

In closing, I would just like to say, “elevator ocelot rutabaga”.

Exciting Addendum!
After talking about google so much, I did a search on the word “Google” and found this. Somebody’s stealing my ideas over there.

2 thoughts on “The Google Has Landed

  1. Ah, the mysteries of Google. No sooner did I post this entry than the hits stopped. Hasn’t been one since. There must be a freshness variable or something. Perhaps there is adaptive technology that moves you down in the rankings if few people use the link. Who knows?

    I’m not sure how often Google will go over the site, but “elevator ocelot rutabaga” still does not bring up my page.

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