Big Sur

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Miles: 518.5
Location: Santa Cruz Diner, Santa Cruz, CA.
Number of RV’s I got stuck behind: 0(!)

The morning was cloudy and came an hour too soon, but the smell of bacon finally pulled me out of hibernation, and it was just what my poor stomach needed after I sent so much wine down my gullet yesterday. After breakfast and a quick game of Scrabble, I said my goodbye-but-hopefully-not-forevers and hit the road, heading north up Highway 1.

By the time I passed the Madonna Inn the sky was clearing and the day was looking promising. I passed a cool-looking cemetary in Morro Bay, just to the north of San Louis Obispo, and I turned around to get some pictures. Many of the fancy graves had occupants named Madonna. Coincidence? Unlikely. I’ll put some pictures up at my Web site and link to them here – as soon as I figure out the best way to do that.

The drive up Big Sur was excellent. There were actually times I was not stuck behind slower-moving traffic and could really drive. When I did come up on a line of cars, I would pull over for a few minutes and let them get ahead again. If the line wasn’t too slow, I would just putt along with them and concentrate on sightseeing instead. Eventually most people will pull off the road to let the Mario Andretti wannabes pass.

Got here with a case of Exploding Bladder Syndrome, so rather than go looking for John and Janice’s house, I stopped here for relief and a bite to eat. Some guy just threw some coins at a waitress – apparently he had tried to leave without paying and was mad because she wouldn’t let him. That’s her story, anyway, and he’s not here anymore to tell this reporter his version.

9 thoughts on “Big Sur

  1. Jerry – if it’s not too late, I’d suggest trying the calzone at Pizza My Heart in Capitola – best calzone in the state.

    Beware of the freaky wild geese – they peck you in the crotch to steal your food!

  2. Capitola is practically still Santa Cruz. I suggest Rosa’s Rotisseria down near the harbor (not too far from the seabright brewery, which I also suggest, and pretty close to Louise and Jim as well). Damn good food there. Plus, if you are still there on the 16th, you can go to my 10 year reunion for me. I’d rather you went to Rosa’s for me tho. Umm Salmon Burrito’.

  3. Excellent! Good food is a cornerstone of good travel. Keep the suggestions coming.

    N.B.: I already posted this comment once, but in the wrong thread.

  4. Yep, I highly suggest Rosa’s. And Tampico Kitchen downtown. And Seabright Brewery. All good stuff, especially if Seabright has their barley wine on tap.


  5. Went to Seabright the other day – I had an excellent fish sandwich with jerk spices and and entire clove of roasted garlic for me to smear all over. The beer was pretty good – I had the ESB.

    The others are definitely on my list, but the phone book lists Pizza My Heart as being in Santa Cruz, which means no killer geese…

  6. Or the Greek restaurant (Veselies?) on Mission St. and that street coming down from the campus. The guy carries a table around in his mouth while everybody smashes plates on the floor! That, and the food is good too!

  7. Hey, buddy, this is a family blog. We don’t say fuck here.


    I’m trying to picture the table-in-mouth dish smashing extravaganza, and it’s making my head hurt. I’ll just have to go there.

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