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Yes, you read that right. I have a new laptop. It is substantially faster than my old one, the screen is in much better condition, and the keys glow gently in the low light of the Little Café Near Home. Also the battery doesn’t last nearly as long and it set me back three month’s rent.

The mini is now in the shop for repairs. Hooray! Before you know it I’ll be up and running again, doubly mac’d and ready to rumble. I have quite a backlog of things to ramble about, as well as a bit of fiction to share with you. Who knows what might happen tonight!

Thanks, all of you, for your support and for sticking with the Muddleverse during my down time. Let us all send up a prayer to the gods of technology that I get as many miles out of this Powerbook as I did from the last.

Over the next few days I’ll keep this message at the top of the blog, but there will be lots of scrumptious episodes appearing below. Tune in often!


11 thoughts on “Where to start…

  1. I hadn’t herad about the recall, but no, this computer is old enough that problems like this would have been found already.

    I was surprised to see Apple say that there was no safety problem, so I guess these batteries aren’t catching on fire the way Dell’s did (and some Apple batteries did a few years back). If I had to guess, I’d say that after Dell’s batteries manufctured by Sony began failing, Apple did some checking and decided to pull their Sony batteries back before anything more serious happened.

  2. Skippy, the director of Turkey Pot Pie 2, also had his Mac crash last week (same generation as Jerry’s). He also bought a new one, with the European keyboard. He sent it back, couldn’t deal with the different keys. I almost bought it, if only I had the money (going about half of what it used to cost to get one here) I could be sending my battery in right now!

  3. I am surprised at how easy it has been to adapt to the euroboard. The trickiest bit has been the quotation marks. I have adapted to the wacky return key, but apparently my fingers have been trained to locate the quote keys in relation to the return. Whatever that key is in between, It’s getting a lot of work. Lord help me if they move the delete key.

  4. My Dell laptop is old, but I just bought it a new battery pack (made sure to get it from Dell, as I’d heard stories about cheapo batteries catching on fire) last year. It keeps my lap nice and warm.

  5. Ironically, it was the original equipment Dell batteries that went up in flames last month, leading to a recall of more than four million batteries.

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