Up and running?

I was so convinced that the part for my Powerbook was not going to fix the problem that I had written the machine off. The inverter arrived from Atlanta, however, and right now the old road warrior is working, at least in the naked, upside-down configuration.

It has worked for short spells in the past week though, so we won’t really know if things are fixed for a while yet. Cross your fingers!

Then I just have to figure out who to talk to over at Apple concerning their definition of “global”.

23 thoughts on “Up and running?

  1. Are you having any fun yet today?

    *hands you a cup of tea and a hammer*

    My idea of a fix. Gee. Can’t help with the Mac since nobody has those in my tech-geek connections. Thus none of them know anybody who fixes them. Shoot me an email describing in detail what is up and I will grab my hax0r friend here at work and let him see what he can do, ok? He has mad skillz.


  2. The mini is completely fried. Wone boot, the dvd trapped inside won’t even spin when I power up. There is nothing I can do that won’t complcate warranty issues further.

    I replaced one faulty circuit in the laptop so now the screen lights up correctly but the computer still freezes up in stages. I’m pretty sure I’m looking at a new motherboard, which is $400 and putting that much money into a case that’s beat to hell probably isn’t a good idea.

    The problem might be temperature-related, so it might work come hockey season.

  3. Apple wouldn’t be the frist to deem the CZ as “beyond global.” It’s like New Mexico is to the USA, except to the world.

  4. Whiskey Hammer was born the second week of the new millenium – the post apocalyptic millenium, that is. Before he was born, he traveled by the moniker John H. With the world, he watched the mysterious asteroid gobble every nuclear missile the States, the Ruskies, and the N.Kers could fire its way. He knew its radiation enhanced path to its Earth-impact destiny wouldn’t be good. Thus he emptied the contents of his private cellar of distilled malt beverages into his swimming pool….and went for a 2 week swim.
    He didn’t expect to survive.
    What emerged, 2 weeks later, from that heavenly amber pool was a survivor.
    A mutant, ungodly, whore-demon of a survivor.
    Whiskey Hammer.

  5. Gee, this shounds like a job for …

    Mac Goddess!

    Unfortunately, she’d probably want you to spring for a ticket to Prague to help you out. But if you ever need computer help and you’re in the Carlsbad area, she’s the one to call.

    Or if you’re at the Butte and you see the MacGregor 26 (what sailors call a Mac) Mac Goddess, that’s her and her husband. (They met when his computer needed fixing, and she came and fixed it.)

  6. Well, it’s not like I’m ignorant in the ways of fixing macs, but the Mini is unfixed for political reasons, not technical ones, so Mac Goddess isn’t going to be much help there. The laptop I could fix myself but the cost of the parts is greater than the result would be worth (although I did find a motherboard on ebay….) and the case is damaged to the point where it could be a contriuting factor in future failures. No amount of technical prowess is going to change the situation for either machine.

    What I need is an old Titanuim Powerbook that has been treated better than mine, preferably one I could drop my wireless card, RAM, and hard drive into.

    I just had a very blog-worthy weekend (rafting on the Vltava), and I will try to find a way to post some of my adventures here.

  7. Wow, you had a great weekend it sounds like. I just avoided people, unplugged and worked on current serial (thus making me a serial killer??).

    *notes to bring whiskey with the hammer therapy for Jerry’s buddies*

  8. Did anybody remember to check

    a) what the magic number following 49K is, and

    b) who is now the new MOH?

    The counter’s now at 49,149.

    And I suppose we should really have a special celebration for 50K.

  9. I also notice that missing from the sidebar is not only the recent comments but also the now playing section, and there’s nothing under the calendar subheading of the holiday ticker, although there is a separate calendar of episodes that does show up.

  10. Hi CA,

    The next big (really big) number is 50,021.

    If I could make a celebration request, it would be either:
    a.) the finale of “Eels” or
    b.) the much anticipated “Elephants of Doom”.

    Of course, beer is a given.

  11. Now Playing was fed from a script running on my machine telling you what I was listening to, updated every fifteen seconds. No machine, no now playing. Holiday ticker I maintain by hand, but it should still be showing No Pants Day, if nohtng else.

    Man, I have to type on this keyboard so hard all the liquids on the table are doing synchronized dancing.

    Tomoorrow I’m done farting around and I’m throwing cash at te problem. In an ideal world the peoblem will also throw csh back at me.

  12. LOL — that last comment looked just like it had been typed on our ancient laptop, and it, too, requires pounding on the keyboard to the point of shaking beverages on the table.

    You know, there should be a charity fund somewhere for avid bloggers who need to take their writing on the road, so when ancient equipment wears out, it can be readily replaced.

    At least it looks likely Dell is going to replace the battery pack that I bought last year that gets so hot I can’t put my laptop on my lap. (According to news accounts, it’s not Dell’s fault; Dell had Sony build the battery packs.)

  13. Every major manufacturer has had the ‘exploding battery’ scandal at one point or another. Whoever invents the replacement for Lithium ion cells will be a billionaire.

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