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I put off buying plane tickets for my holiday travels because I was hoping for clarification of some rule changes for immigration in the European Union. Rather, I was hoping for some clarification of rules enforcement here in the Czech Republic. Word on the street is that if I leave I’ll have to stay away for a while.

I never got that clarification, but it was time to take some action. The plan: buy a ticket one way and figure out the rest later. This morning I went online to do just that. And…

Holy Cow! The first set of tickets that came up were ridiculously expensive. I tried the next day and there at the top of the list was a ticket that cost about 60% as much as the second-cheapest. It got me to Albuquerque via Los Angeles. I cut out the Albuquerque part of the itinerary and the price went down even more. A bargain, plain and simple (well, relatively…). I bought it.

The catch is that I planned to arrive in California with a car. There is one waiting for me in Albuquerque, although there are complications there, too. So, for me, the ideal plan is for someone to meet me at the airport, take me to the DMV to renew the registration and then drop me off in Albuquerque. Any takers?

Alternately, I could spend my California time carless, which is the environmentally responsible thing to do (and doesn’t make Shrub’s friends yet richer – even the sagging dollar puts money in his buddies’ pockets), but with all the different places I want to go, that could be a real Pain in the Patoot. I suppose I could look into Greyhound package deals or whatever. That would certainly be an adventure.

11 thoughts on “Travel Plans

  1. *snicker* why does this sound so familiar???

    You know where I am. Got new car by the way. And like mom asked…when???

    Catch up with me in email if you need to be picked up at the train station or something.

  2. We plan to be in New Mexico (somewhere) for Christmas. When do you arrive in CA and when do you want to get to NM? Miata of course will also need insurance.

  3. I will arrive in Los Angeles Nov. 29. I would like to be in the bay area December 8, and in New Mexico for Christmas. I would prefer to be in Prague for New Years Eve, but I may not have that option.

  4. nico – Congratulations on keeping your streak alive; you still have never won anything. The big number was 89003. Site meter is reporting that it is overloaded right now, so I can’t see who the next MOH actually was. It’s the weekend, though, which makes an Egg Friar more likely.

  5. It was a egg fryer from Japan. Someone from Tokyo googled “eggs over easy”. It lokks like the search was in english, but on the internet you can never be sure.

  6. Nov 29th? Like 4 days from now? Eep. My cell’s still same number. Wont drive you to New Mexico but could get you to airport if need be.

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