too true to be good

Stolen from a source I can no longer recall:

Due to an oversight in reprogramming the Diebolt voting machines flown in from Florida, George Bush gets 51% of the vote in Iraq.

8 thoughts on “too true to be good

  1. Here in New Mexico, the problem has been that the Greens and Libertarians have been protesting the election results, and because of their protests, county clerks were forbidden to reset voting machines in preparation for tomorrow’s school board elections. Fortunately, a judge saw the light a couple of weeks ago and said that unless the Greens and Libertarians were willing to come up with the more than $1 million it would take to do a recount, it wouldn’t happen, and the county clerks were free to reset the machines.

    Most of the machines involved were Shouptronics, but there were some Diebolds in some counties.

    I wonder what would have happened if W had ended up on the Albuquerque Public Schools board? “We have current and credible evidence that the Los Lunas Schools have weapons of mass destruction, and therefore, we must attack immediately”?

  2. Hmmmm….

    Maybe it was the SSDC squirrels who put the cat poop in Carol Anne’s damp laundry on top of the washing machine and dryer. (It seems to be a bizarre story.)

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