Happy oughto oughto day!

I didn’t think I was going to finish my synopsis in time, but things fell together and while I will inevitably be tweaking it I now feel I could send it to agents and publishers. Goal two, the poll, isn’t looking so good. So far there is only one suggestion, from the Current Millennial D(ictator?) to make the day March 2 it! day. Oh, well, 28 days to go still.

For goal three, not only have I finished a couple of short pieces that don’t suck, I wrote a couple more that do suck, and suck hard at that! Talk about overachieving!

I’m working on an episode about a concert I went to a couple of days ago, I want to get some tunes from fuego to go with it, and I have a Piker deadline to hit, so I’m not sure when that one will hit. I really do need to figure out who to call and what to say to get Internet in my new place. Perhaps I ought to have done it today, but hey, let’s be realistic here. I did find a pair of house shoes, though.

Finally, because of my irregular Internet access, I may not be on hand when the Next Big Number is struck. I trust you will behave with your usual decorum and restraint during the inevitable period of uncertainty that follows.

7 thoughts on “Happy oughto oughto day!

  1. Happy Oughto Oughto Day to one and all!

    As far as March the Twoth goes, I’d like to re-nominate Ground Squirrel Day. Why should ground hogs get all the love?

  2. Shadow? yes. Reflection? no.

    March 2 is notable for:

    Battle of the Bismark Sea (1943)

    Operation Rolling Thunder Began (1965)

    or so my VFW calendar tells me.

    Maybe we should call it, “Kicking Our Enemy’s Ass Day”?

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