Rakin’ in the Big Bucks!

Now that Jer’s Novel Writer is selling just a little more briskly than I had hoped, which sure is nice (my warm gratitude to all those folks who have purchased a key… you guys rock!), I can breathe a little easier about the whole eating-and-paying-rent thing. It will be longer before the money runs out.

Nice mug!

You want one. You know you do.

And now, today, a whole new revenue stream opened up! Yowza! Yes, the laws of statistics dictated that sooner or later it would happen. With billions of people bouncing around on the Internet, and some percentage of those people either intoxicated or otherwise mentally challenged, it was only a matter of time before factors converged and someone clicked the fateful button.

Someone bought a Suicide Squirrel Alert Coffee Mug.

I’m not sure how long I’ve had the link over there in the sidebar, but it’s easily been more than two years. Piker Press will put a link to Jer’s Junk up when I have something in the current issue (thanks guys!) so it’s quite possible that this sale was related to my Peek of the Week over there this week.

Yep, 2 1/2 years, one mug sold. It doesn’t sound terribly impressive, but when you consider it in terms of percentage growth, this year has been explosive! And don’t worry, you can still be the first on your planet to sport a Suicide Squirrel t-shirt!

SSDC t-shirt

I think I’ll spend some time today on the Muddled University merchandise.

Finally, thanks to those folks who start their Amazon shopping adventure by clicking the link over there in the sidebar.

9 thoughts on “Rakin’ in the Big Bucks!

  1. Well, I wasn’t the first one, but I am a new proud owner, and I am seriously looking for a kick ass MudU t-shirt to wear while I sip coffee from the grande mug. So how much of the $18.50 actually dribbles into your pocket?

  2. Well, dang. It seems there’s some pretty hefty shipping and handling charges there. Perhaps that’s not too surprising, as the items are created on demand and a coffee mug is fairly heavy, but still…

    I set the cost at $13.50, still pretty damn expensive for a mug, $1.51 of which I actually get. I’m curious whether you ever saw that number.

    Oh, and thanks.

  3. I did not see the 1.51 number (except long ago…on a bottle of bacardi rum…in a galaxy far far away), bu that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. It does mean it did not leap out at consumers in any pseudo-ethical fashion. However I had no rosy vision that a ton of the percentage would be yours. Thus I was not informed but savvy. Yeah.

    That crazed, goggly eyed, squirrel on the side will be the payoff, as I drink coffee, and dare – DARE – anybody to mess with me.

  4. Question for CA (or Bob-B’s-B):
    If Suicide Squirrel Death Cult makes sense to our ears, how come Death Squirrel Suicide Cult not so much? Or Suicide Death Squirrel Cult? They’re all modifiers, right? Obviously Suicide is modifying Squirrel, but Squirrel modifies cult. Modifying modifyers? What next, dogs and cats living together?

    If Joshua fit da battle ob Jericho and de walls came tumblin down, why do we describe a circular wall as plural? Isn’t it one wall? For that matter why be prejudiced aqainst squares (not keith, but the geometry)? Why is a rectangular set of walls not wall? One perimeter, one thing.

    why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?

  5. The mug arrived today!
    cafepress f*cked it.
    It is Jer’s line drawing of the crazy squirrel, but it is just stuck on the white mug. No red level background like the cool picture. Let’s see how good cafepress’ customer service is.

    Sorry, Jer, my posts have hardly been a ringing advertisement for your stuff (well, cafepress’ stuff, but anyway….). I hope readers are entertained and not turned off.

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