Pirates of the White Sand Now Shipping!

Well, it’s not everything I had hoped it would be, but it looks like things aren’t going to improve any time soon, so I’ve given up waiting and I’m now proud to send out the Official Director’s Bootleg of Pirates of the White Sand.

For those new to the scene, Pirates is a short film co-written by my brother and me. The script won a competition and the prize was the opportunity to participate in the Duke City Shootout, where the movie was created by a volunteer crew with three days of shooting and four of editing. There were, alas, some technical difficulties, particularly audio problems that cannot be repaired (the czech version sounds much better), but the result is still a bunch of fun. I mean, come on, it’s pirates!

I have now mastered the technology to produce copies of this DVD, and I am ready to send them to those who might want them. The catch is that I need addresses. If you would like a copy, send me an email with your mailing address (I don’t recommend putting it in a comment), and I will burn you a DVD, label it before I’ve had too much caffeine in the morning (my penmanship is not too good even in ideal circumstances) and pop it in the post for you. You can find my email address in the first comment for this episode.

Just to keep things sane and keep my postage costs finite, I think I need to limit the number of copies I send out. Let’s start with the first ten people to request the DVD getting one, and we’ll see how that goes.


17 thoughts on “Pirates of the White Sand Now Shipping!

  1. Current number of requests: 7

    Bob, I’m not sure I have your address.

    Others who are interested can send me an email by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

  2. Who in the Muddled sphere is familiar with Skype and can give me advice?
    I have a mandate from the boss to figure this out so we can talk when she moves to Edin-burrrrrogh.

    /MudU dictionary…originally typoed mandate as madnate. Crazy.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting the Pirates out.

    My address is on the way to you via e-mail.

    Was I the first “purchaser” of Pirates? Did my ploy to prepay in order to guilt you into sending me a DVD actually work?

  4. Jesse — Skype is frightfully easy. You install the software and create an account in much the same way as you would with any other online service. They walk you through the process pretty well.

    I strongly recommend a cheap USB headphone/mic thingie.

    Bob, you are the first and only purchaser of Pirates, thanks to your creative money-sliding tactics. And yes, the guilt worked.

  5. Well, I want a copy of Pirates, but I too want to limit Jerry’s financial exposure, so what if Bob burns a copy of his DVD and sends it me? Sure, if he insists, I could send him the postage money in beer, California Lottery tickets, or Callahan’s coasters, whatever currency he desires. That way Bob could be a Pirate of Pirates of the White Sands, and I know that appellation will be worth the time and effort to him.

  6. As one who still has the pirated tapes of Keith’s Beatles albums that we made in high school (salvaged from the wreckage of El Caballero), I can just daisy-chain off Keith’s copy. That will make him a pirate of the pirate of Pirates of the White Sands.

  7. It someone is has the desire and the technology to be the Authorized North American Pirate of the Official Directors Bootleg of Pirates of the White Sand (ANAPODBPWS), that would be cool. (Although, I honestly don’t think demand will be that high.)

  8. The New Mexico Giraffe is rather squat or low-slung and doesn’t offer pushbutton ease of dispensing — pouring requires manual effort.

    pL seems not to have brought any copies of Pirates. …and even if he had, the SSDC had plans to waylay his luggage. I think we put in our request for Pirates a year or two ago….

    Carol Anne had been talking about the red Mercedes in Auto Trader — but the seller turned out to be a flake or sleazeball and that opportunity is off the table.

    Only a few more hours until we bring Carol Anne’s boat into the mountains. Too bad we can’t write off this trip for tax porpoises … but then there are no marine mammals in Dillon Lake with degrees in accountancy or otherwise.

  9. Previous comment actually was from Pat, not CA.

    Since CA and Tad didn’t get to buy a car, I went out and bought a couple more Sunfish dinghies.

  10. hey jerry, would you please send me a(nother) copy of the most recent edit?

    mine’s somehow gone missing.


    “kentucky jack” konopak

  11. I’ve got a whole stack of them right here! I’ve been marshaling my Czech to ask ‘may I have some envelopes for mailing CD’s?

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