Programming note

I’ll be putting up a new poll as soon as I think of one. Last chance to stuff the ballot box! I’m going to a party later today and the hosts have no idea about my beard. Some of them I know are going to hate it. Somehow that makes me happy.

Any suggestions for the new poll? Yeah, I know, it’s Saturday and nobody goes online over the weekend. I’ll try to come up with something.

9 thoughts on “Programming note

  1. I hope you used the word “avast” a lot. And “ahoy matey.” Now you can refer to your readers as landlubbers.

    You’re new poll should be whether you should go to the party with lit fuses in your beard ala’ bluebeard (or whatever pirate that was).

  2. You know in your summary of where you are in the upper right corner? You have states and provinces, so why not include oceans as well? Another thought: you have miles (I assume the mileage on the Miata). Might you also include (as a separate category) the nautical miles of the sea voyage? (Somewhere between 70 and 80; Pat will have the exact number since he kept the navigational charts.)

  3. National talk like a pirate day?!! whats the story there?

    So how did Pat become a sailor? Sounds like a cool hobby.

  4. Pat grew up on the Texas gulf coast, but with motorboats rather than sailboats. He finally talked the family into sailing lessons about 5 years ago; shortly thereafter, he was trying to talk the family into getting a sailboat but meeting resistance. It took a condo timeshare salesperson to talk us into getting the boat — throughout the presentation, he talked about the advantages of “vacation ownership” and stressed how affordable it really is. When he finally got to the price, it was almost exactly the price being asked for the boat Pat wanted, so when the salesguy looked at me for a decision, I said, “We’re getting the boat.”

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