So very, very tired

Location: Hampton Inn, Temecula, CA
Miles: 8459.5

What the hell am I doing here? The day seemed so simple. Float back to the mainland. Hop in the car and drive back to San Diego. Crash at Amy’s place. If Amy wasn’t available, find another place. If it got late, get a hotel.

I never hooked up with Amy. It got late, and I didn’t want to call someone to crash at their place after a certain hour. OK, hotel.

Bzzzt! Wrong answer; try again. There are no hotel rooms in San Diego tonight. Comicon is raging, and apparently it’s bigger than ever this year. Escondido has no rooms. At 1:30 a.m. I’m not calling anyone. The only question becomes “how far am I willing to drive and how much will I pay to not sleep in my car?” The answers: A long way and a lot of money.

There’s more, but honestly I’m just too damn tired now. There are other things to write about: Gilligan, the final chapter and ruminations about my pants. Those will have to wait until after my slumber.

I would post this now, but my ethernet cables are all in the car, and that is such a long, long way away.

3 thoughts on “So very, very tired

  1. We actually had our own delay — as we were coming into San Pedro, our “Check Engine” light came on, and our engine started choking.

    So we spent an extra day in San Pedro, while the Ford dealership in Torrance dealt with the Expedition’s problems, and we saw the Maritime Museum (very low tech, very special volunteers keeping it running), and we didn’t get off until Sunday morning.

    By that time, I was loving San Pedro enough that I wished we could spend another week there.

  2. If maritime museums really float your boat (heh heh), you gotta checkout the one in Newport News VA. Its big, detailed, and quite well done. It also has been awarded the honor of being the home of the salvaged Monitor. So far the turret has been raised and is being restored in special environs at the museum.

  3. Oh, man, Jess, you really know how to get Pat interested in something. For several years now, he’s been talking about taking an East Coast voyage (we have friends and relatives — about 6 families — who have moved to the Chesapeake Bay area). The interesting thought is that by the time Jer gets to the East Coast, we might be ready for our next sailing adventure.

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