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Kind of a slick little thing, if I do say so myself. Useless, but slick. I wrote a script to update the blog with the current song that is playing on my Powerbook.

There may still be some kinks to work out, and if I’m not on the Internet obviously it won’t update. If I remember to shut off the music first, an appropriate message should display.

Right now I’m just playing randomly through the small portion of my music that’s not in a box to be shipped to Prague. What are you listening to?

As long as I’m discussing the sidebar, I added the “Cool Robot of the Week” link over there only to realize that the weeks apparently ended last November. Get a good look at it while you can, I’ll be taking it back off soon.

2 thoughts on “Now Playing

  1. I’ve thought about that a bit, and I think there might be a way. It would chew up a lot of bandwidth on my end (I use a very high sample rate for my tunes, and keeping two copies would be a hassle), however, so while I’m the guest in someone else’s house I don’t think that would be polite.

    Then there’s the whole digital rights thing. I could easily imagine being branded an Internet radio station and having to pay royalties.

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