Need More Guest Poems (and animations)!

Now that the poetry cycles up there in the header (except on Internet Explorer), people are likely to see a lot more of them on each visit. Sure, there’s well over a hundred in the rotation, but as every american knows, more is better. You can help! Send me yout little poems either here in the comments or by email, along with the name you want to appear with it. If you want your picture next to it, of course you have to supply that too. Otherwise I might just pick something. I have a couple of poems in the roatation —notably the ‘theme haiku’ — but mainly that little area is a place for guests to play.

And who knows? We know that great literary movers and shakers frequent this site. This could be your shot at the glamorous life of a poet!

Edited to add: Heck, why stop at poetry? You may have noticed the occasional duck flying through the header every minute or two. The way that’s done, I can load and play pretty much anything anyone out there puts together. It shouldn’t be too intrusive, of course, but with one simple tweak to your animation I can put it in the random list. Whether you’ve been thinking about learning a little Flash or you kick Flash’s ass, here’s a great chance to strut your stuff.

What could POSSIBLY be cooler than that? Nothing, that’s what!

8 thoughts on “Need More Guest Poems (and animations)!

  1. Thanks! I’ve always wanted rounded corners with drop shadows, and yesterday I took the time to figure out how to do it. The CSS was non-trivial so I also had to learn some extra php to keep my templates clean. Bonus!

    The page looks right in Explorer 8, but I don’t have IE 7 to test on. In IE 8’s poorly-named “compatibility mode” there are a couple of problems.

  2. Happily, as I was fiddling with the formatting of the poetry category (which required tweaking each entry to get it right), I stumbled on about ten other guest poems. Actually there were others, but they were too tall for the header. When I redo the “all the guest poems” page, I’ll find a way to put them in.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the contribution, pL!

  3. The new look is altogether nice. I might write a poem about drop shadows. I can’t seem to put my finger on the elements of the previous header that I prefer; if I do, I’ll let you know.

    But that duck!

    I’m a big fan, Jer! I’m also glad you explain the duck situation in this post because last time I was here I was scrolled down too far to see him fly by and was startled by the random ‘quack.’

  4. Okay so that was that flying duck. I thought I rolled over some stupid smilie face thing (I detest those things that are scattered on innocent pages on web)

  5. As soon as the internet comes back at my place, the duck will be joined by another surprise guest, and the banner will default to “mute” mode. The new surprise movie is a lot better with sound on, but also more obnoxious than an occasional quack.

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