Let’s Make this Move Official

I just went back through and re-imported the entire old blog for what I hope is the last time. Before I did that, I had to delete all the episodes I’d imported before (I’ve made a few spelling corrections in the text, and the links did not reflect the impending redefinition of muddledramblings.com)

As I was deleting all the old stuff, I kept telling myself, “Don’t delete the episode with all the useful user feedback. Don’t delete the episode with all the useful user feedback.” Then Sparta scored a goal, flipping the puck through the five-hole, and Franta was saying, “Džer

7 thoughts on “Let’s Make this Move Official

  1. Before you bother telling me, I know that the “muddled ramblings” font above is totally wrong. I was getting some weird stuff going on and I use a setting that fixed it – except it depended on the font already being on the user’s computer. Later I discovered that the weird stuff was probably only happening when I was using the debugger, so I’ll be setting it back. Alas, that is a very time-consuming process, as each letter has six keyframes that must be changed.

    If you see a nice scripty font above, I’ve already fixed it.

  2. I am still using internet explorer, but the font size in this comments section is so small that it is difficult to read. It may be my computer, but other documents and web pages have normal size fonts.

    • Next on my list is to make the pop-up comments suck less. The window has been more of less ignored by WordPress developers for a while (as far as I can tell) so some if it’s parts don’t match up with what’s going on behind the scenes.

  3. About the font size … I notice that the first paragraph of a comment is a nice size, but the subsequent paragraphs are in a smaller font. I don’t have trouble reading it on my computer, but it can be a problem on others.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out. I wanted to make the comment text larger without also growing the byline, which is plenty large enough already. I did it right this time.

    Thank goodness for FireBug!

    Today I’ll be focussing on the typesetting of the episodes themselves, particularly the customized ones.

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