Happy 50th, Mom and Dad

I am here on this cruise because my parents thought this would be a great way to celebrate their fifty years of wedded bliss. Last night we had the big celebration at dinner, with all of us as dressed up as we could reasonably get. We got a group portrait taken and we were served a special cake at dinner (after the regular dessert). Good times.

Fifty years they’ve been married. That takes some doing. Earlier in the day I had to smile as we walked down a market street in Kobe; my parents were holding hands.

Congratulations, guys. Here’s to many more years of hand-holding in exotic locations.


2 thoughts on “Happy 50th, Mom and Dad

  1. Happy Anniversary BL & Phil. We truly enjoyed the cruise and the family time. We are also enjoying your BLOG and your mastery of the language. You sum it up beautifully. I haven’t read the book yet but after your comments, I won’t be in any hurry.

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