Changes in the ‘Hood

This is a picture of the house across the street, taken on a recent Monday morning: 

Here is the same spot the following afternoon. Soon another home will appear, all shiny and new. 


6 thoughts on “Changes in the ‘Hood

  1. A note of little consequence: This was the first time I posted with my phone (since that was where the pictures were). I think the WordPress app cropped the sides from the images, making them feel even more poorly-composed than they already were. I could fix them, but… meh.

  2. Here’s betting the new home is two stories, twice to three times the square-footage, and zero lot lines for no yard. The American dream has expanded with our waistlines.

    • The rules are a little different in my neighborhood, although there are now two-story “manufactured homes”. But the Inquisitive Neighbor reports that the new quad-wide that will be dropped onto that lot went for well north of $400,000 — more than $300,000 over what we paid for our own quad-wide (which was built when you and I were still in high school, and has the paneling to prove it).

      Fun fact: my home is registered with the DMV. But for a fraction of what an apartment would cost to rent we have room for a little photo studio.

    • Also, were this a “fixed home”, the demolition would have preserved the garage door or the partition in the laundry room to weasel out of Prop 13 tax escalation.

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