Big Day in Blog-Town

I’d like to say ‘hello’ to anyone who is happening by here because of the very nice things said about me (or at least the idea of me he has formed) here.


For my regulars (Yes, I have regulars too! That hit counter didn’t get over 300 all by itself!), Dr Pants is someone who checked “other” under Plan. We have a lot in common. Except the Norwegian girlfriend – I don’t have one of those. Damn you, Dr Pants! There I am thinking I’m scoring pretty high on the footloose-o-meter, spending my days pondering the American Road Myth, and then you happen by, and sure you’re footloose and everything, but on top of that you have me 1-0 in the Norwegian Girlfriend competition. Someday, buddy, when you least expect it…

You’re probably wondering who I am, but really, I’m the last one to answer that question. If you take my word for it, I’m exactly the right height, IQ in the 300+ range, ridiculously fit, raconteur, philanthropist, and poet. And modest. Modest like you woldn’t believe. You should probably ask someone else.

If you’re looking around, you’ll see that right now almost all the posts are about my homeless tour. It started April 2th, my 40th birthday (purely concidence – really. That’s the day the sale of my house became final. Absolutely coincidence. That you would doubt my word hurts me.) The starting point of the tour was San Diego, the end point is Prague. In between, it’s kind of hazy, but I’m doing a bit of work along the way, so I have to stay close to the Internet for the nonce.

Besides the homeless tour, there’s politics (I’m running for president), Get-Poor-Quick Schemes (if any of you know much about robotics, I’d love to get poor with you. I need a robot nuclear reactor on the moon.), and a bit here and there in the other categories. Once I’m in Prague, there’ll be more in the Writing category especially.

As a side note, I am approaching public beta with a word processor I created for writers (specifically novelists) who suffer from the same deficiencies I do. Currently just for mac. There’s a link over on the side there somewhere.

If any of you have more information on the explosive exposé Suicide Squirrel Death Cult please be sure to leave a note. The sooner this tragedy sees the light of day, the more innocent lives can be saved.

So that’s it. Welcome to Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas. If you lose the link, you can always search for “elevator ocelot rutabaga” and you’ll come right here.

5 thoughts on “Big Day in Blog-Town

  1. We meet again Mr Bond…

    Pretty cool. Debbie (My hot Norwegian girlfriend) said she can find you a Norwegian girlfriend too. They have lots of ’em here.

    Keep on, keepin on.

    From one wanderer to another

    From one wanderer to another

  2. looking at the tracking stats haloscan provides is pretty interesting. you got a hit from japan ,prob some poor guy looking for elevator shoes in ocelot hide. i must fall under “only ip address,” because its easier to recognize the rest of the gang by domain or organization. I see neither of mine.

  3. I believe you are 152.3. etc. It’s been a game of mine to match domains with visitors. If someone got here as the result of a search, you can see what the search was on the “referrer” screen.

    I haven’t been getting so many search hits lately, mainly because my questionable spelling of La Dolce Vida has fallen out of the top ten on Google. Maybe I should have titled Chez Buggy as La Dolce Vida Redux to get back up there.

    Hmm… marketing through common misspellings. I’ve read that porn sites do that. It’s so crazy it JUST MIGHT WORK!

  4. If you like I can look into Norwegian girl friends here in Prague for you as well. Although not as common as Czech girlfriends, I’m sure they exist. And if you need any help on the misspelling thing, I’ll quit typing my comments in word and pasting them into your site’

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