Chez Buggy

Location: Buggy’s house, San Jose, CA (map)
Miles: 1378.1

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and already it’s hot outside. Had a little work to do, but now it’s time to go splash in the pool. This isn’t bad.

While I’m thinking about it, I added a photo I took in Oakdale to the album (photo). Signs say the funniest things. I think for the rest of the day I’m going to put the blog down and do some actual writing. (I’m still waiting for the message from SiteMeter that says, “Dude, you can’t go checking the stats every time you get a hit. Chill.”) We’ll see how that goes.

2 thoughts on “Chez Buggy

  1. Whoa, I must’ve been asleep: when did Buggy move? I thought he was in the Sierra foothills, sort of like Oakdale. In fact, your travels from John’s in Santa Cruz east to Oakdale led me to continue my delusion. Chalk up a new use for the map link: rocking my world.

  2. He still has his house up there, but as of last weekend he’s renting it out. He just never managed to drag his business out that far from the valley.

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