Oakdale Dawn

Location: Best Western Rama Inn, Oakdale (map)
Miles: 1271.8

I can just picture Mom, shaking her head with a look that says “I’m being patient, but I really shouldn’t need to be” as she says to Dad, “I told you not to give the boy caffeine after 6pm.”

Now the morning is here, like there’s some big damn rush to get the day started. The sun’s shining and there’s traffic outside the double glazing. I’m as jittery as a field mouse at a hawk convention, buzzed on green tea and Froot Loops to carry me through the ante meridiem despite the profound lack of sleep. On the desk next to the ol’ powerbook is the remains of a loaf of bread, the last of the soft cheese, getting softer and cheesier as I watch, and empty coke and beer bottles. Poor Man’s Speedball.

In the tiny freezer is a package of frozen potstickers. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. At least I’ll be able to take the fresh fruit with me, and the leftover beer will be appreciated tonight at Buggy’s place, I’m sure.

I cleaned up a little before I thought to take the pic, but it would have undermined my journalistic integrity to put the junk back.

I was taking some of my crap out to the car this morning and checking the mileage when some guy asked me, “Were you driving through Yosemite yesterday? With the top down?” They had been behind me in the line to get into the park.

My lower lip is twitching, the maid is knocking, I have packing to do, and checkout is in an hour. Then, it’s out into the world, on a quest to get to the bottom of the Oakdale Enigma. I’ll let you know what I learn.

5 thoughts on “Oakdale Dawn

  1. Truly excellent. Leave it to the internet to help find people who follow their dreams. Nice passage.
    Next time, unless you have done it already, pull a Buckowski andgo on 3 day bender and write. That would be ineresting to read.

  2. Actually, to protect the innocent, it’s not MY Mom I can picture saying that. Some of you know my mom, and for one thing, she’d never say ‘the boy.’ It’s more of a made-for-TV Mom I’m talking about here, long suffering and all-wise, somehow keeping things together while the lunatics she knows through the accident of birth and by choice out of love fly off in every direction.

    OK, that actually does sound like Mom. But she’d never refer to me as ‘the boy’. And Dad would never give me caffeine after 6 p.m. anyway. They learned not to do that nigh on 40 years ago.

  3. I’ll back Jerry up on that bit about the caffeine. Mom always said that I was an easy kid to deal with, but if Jerry had been the first child, he’d have been an only child.

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