Another Programming Note

I don’t know if you guys care in the least, but I thought I’d try a poll service that won’t inflict pop-up windows on you. This one has some nice features, the two best being that I can link pictures into answer options automatically and I can include an “other” option so you guys can record your own ideas. I think there’s also a way to make a page that shows the results of all past polls, which would be fun.

On the down side, I would have to pay for the service to allow ballot box stuffing, and the HTML they generate pretty much sucks. I’m fiddling with my own CSS-based layout, so the things may be funky sometimes as I tweak it.

Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Another Programming Note

  1. Yeah, I hadn’t even realized there were popups until I used IE for windows for some reason I can’t recall any longer. Unless the new poll company decides to use the code I sent them today to generate a CSS-friendly version of their poll, I’m probably going back to pollhost. This one is too much of a hassle – although I do like that “other” box.

  2. Popups? What are those?

    Oh, you mean those annoying things that attack me when I’m at work. Maybe that’s a subtle way for employers to keep employees from using work computers for personal Internet access — I know I prefer the grindingly slow dial-up access at home to the high-speed broadband access at work that throws annoying (and sometimes obscene) messages at me every 10 seconds.

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