Programming Note

It has come to my attention that after my travels I have photos of many of the guest poets appearing on this page. It wasn’t a big reach to go from there to putting the picture of the author next to the poem. If you are a guest poet and would rather NOT have your picture next to the poem, or if there is another picture you would prefer I use, just let me know.

Currently I’m missing pictures of Melinda and Brian. I would love to put you up there, however, so please send me a picture of you that can be cropped square. I have put in suitable substitutes for the time being (heh, heh, heh…). Let me know if you find a mistake – I could easily have made a typo and the code currently assumes the order the browser will execute the JavaScript functions. If it executes in the wrong sequence I expect someone else’s picture will appear next to my explanatory haiku.

I also have figured out how to fit the limericks in the header more nicely, and I’ll get to that in the next couple of days – so bring on those 5-line poems!

6 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. I love the substitute picture you have for Melinda … haven’t been on long enough to see what you have for me; I suppose it’s something from the Catalina trip. So long as you do justice to my lucky Aussie hat, that’s fine.

    BTW, limerick is spelled with only one m.

  2. Just now went to look at the photo albums … noticed something weird in the Catalina album: Most of the shots in it have been viewed 20 or 30 times, but the one titled “Carol Anne at the Wheel” (actually, I’m at the helm, not the wheel) has been viewed more than 90 times. Why, I have no idea.

  3. Ah, you got a great picture of John, although your limerick formatting still isn’t quite right; the “guest poem by John” is superimposed on “Confused? We can help!”

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