Alert! Alert!

Right now, as we speak, Dr. Pants is drinking shitloads of beer and updating his blog after each one. But he’s running out of steam! Jump over and leave a note of encouragement!

1 thought on “Alert! Alert!

  1. I think I arrived too late. It looked like it was all over.

    I was at an Oktoberfest celebration (OK, so it’s not Oktober yet, but close enough) with a keg of Fat Tire and a whole lotta bottles of other stuff, including somebody’s homebrew, and German or sorta-German food. Only problem was the music — we had a boombox but not much to play on it, and the only radio station it would pick up was playing salsa, not exactly German.

    It was then that I realized … we needed Polkacide! That band could really make ol’ Shroyer Center rock!

    So, John, any chance you could get to Laguna Vista next fall with the band? I’m sure we could arrange our Oktoberfest to match up with your schedule.

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