What’s with all the moon stuff?

I have added a couple of widgets over in the sidebar that show the phase of the moon. Why? Because when the moon gets back to new, I’ll be somewhere in the ocean around Iwo Jima, staring straight up and burning my eyeballs as the moon passes between them and the sun. Total Eclipse of the Sun, baby, and I’ll be there!

I added two different moon phase thingies because one was more aesthetically pleasing, while the other held more cultural interest. If you hold the mouse over the Japanese characters, you will be given important information about how to carry out your day. If you can figure out what it means.

I’ll be writing more about this adventure as I gear up for the cruise. A boat full of astronomy geeks! Woo hoo!

4 thoughts on “What’s with all the moon stuff?

  1. That Japanese moon thing had been getting really depressing … it seemed always to be saying things about death and misfortunes and inauspicious something-or-other. I was beginning to despair.

    And then, just now, it’s got a rosy, optimistic theme about good luck and something that succeeds and stuff. I also notice the Japanese characters are red rather than black.

    I wonder whether the augury is actually happy about half the time, and we’ve just had a run of bad days, or whether the seer is really pessimistic, and I am now observing the occasional, rare, good day.

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