Tranquility Base Here, The Eagle Has Landed

The air is brisk today, but when I get walking I keep warm. I cut quite a figure, at least in my own imagination, walking down the street, hair and long coat blowing behind me, scruffy two-level beard (need to get some tools), and purpose in my stride. Apparently 3pm is when pretty girls take their dogs for walks. None of them so much as glanced at me. They must have been intimidated by that ineffable machismo I was exuding.

Or something like that.

Anyway, after one small memory lapse (26, 16, whatever) sent me into a fancy little wine store I found the place I was looking for. I opened the door and walked down a few narrow steps and took a left into the quiet room, found a table, and sat down.

I’m back where I belong.

I’m in a bar, with my laptop, writing. I could get to like this place. Not smoky, not crowded on a weekday afternoon, decent tunes playing, good beer. No danger of me falling in love with the bartender, either—he seems like a nice guy, but, well, he’s a guy. He just brought my pizza, a fine looking pie. He also brought a bottle of Kečup. There’s an American stereotype I had forgotten. The beer is good, the pizza is good.

Life is good.

7 thoughts on “Tranquility Base Here, The Eagle Has Landed

  1. Hey welcome to the other side of the pond. Oh so close to GMT! I hear Prague is a real fun place. Cheap too. I hope you have a blast. Keep us updated!

  2. Your new poll is messing up the site appearance. Is that a Dr. Pants suggestion that is so loooong and messing with it? Sheesh he just can’t stop screwing with the look of your site.

  3. Speaking of Windows, I went to the atm yesterday and it had the blue screen of death. It kind of scares me that the thing handling my money is running an insecure operating system, but I had to laugh at the blue screen.

  4. Just checking, have you found Jama yet? It’s a bar, it’s good different kinds of czech beer (although a bit pricy) and free WiFi. I spent quite a bit of time there watching olympics and working. AH, yes, working, those were the days.

  5. No, I haven’t. although now there’s WiFi at your place. The order of the Universe has been restored; I go to bars to get away from the Internet.

    Still, it sounds like a nice place. My exploration has not gone too far from home base.

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