Christmas lights are up here already as well

It goes something like this…

On my first trip to Albert here is what I bought:
On my second trip to Albert, here is what I bought:
Bread, and Beer!
On my third trip to Albert, here is what I bought:
Green Tea, Bread, and Beer!

Albert is the local grocery store. I’ve only been three times, but I think you can see where this is going. Three trips may not a trend make, but you never know. I have a big coat with pockets just right for carrying bottles of beer (two pockets outside, two pockets inside). I can squeeze small items in with the beer, but sooner or later I’m going to have to scrounge up a shopping bag.

I believe the addition for the fourth trip will either be laundry detergent or nutella.

5 thoughts on “Christmas lights are up here already as well

  1. Hmmm, you have an episode posted last Thursday, but I was checking for updates all last week, and never saw nothin. The latest episode I see on this Monday Nov 15th, is this one. And what is up with I mean Haloscan? Right now I have no cursor, I’m just wingin it, and the words I type are appearing in the correct place, but there is no cursor to tell me I am in the correct window.

  2. Well as far as the cursor goes, look no further than your own browser. The Web page can tell the computer to put a text field there, but it’s up to the computer to do it correctly.

    Episodes are posted showing the date I wrote them, unless I intervene directly. I have been writing episodes, I just haven’t been able to post them until now. Still, I think it right to have the date reflect the time I wrote the thing. You know, perspective ‘n’ shit.

  3. No, I think it’s good that you date the entries on the day you write them. I was worried that you *had* posted them, but they weren’t appearing for some reason. I should have been clearer in my comment as to what I was worried about.

    as far as the cursor – well the weirdness went away. And if we want to blame my browser, …well it *is* the celebrated mozilla…it’s not like it was something excusable like IE. But I prefer not to ever find fault with *me* or *mine*. No way man. I intend to blame all the world’s ills on Haloscan from now on. Electric bill past due? -Haloscan. Fender bender? -Haloscan. Reading Keith and John’s boring ol comments instead of the supposed gambling/porn/terrorism comments they *claimed* was there – Haloscan. Pshaw, as if.

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