Tired, so very tired.

Got some programming done this morning, then met fuego for breakfast. After a damn fine meal we considered where to go to work on the screenplay. It was a nice, nice, day, so we decided to find a place to have a pivo or two outdoors. After a walking a couple of miles we landed at a beer garden overlooking the city. In that beautiful but pricey setting we did not pull out the computers and get to work. We relaxed and after a beer we trundled on down the hill to the Bar annex of the bagel shop, where I now sit.

We pulled out our computers and did not set to work. I went so far as to open up my original draft of Pirates of the White Sand, and I even spotted a place that needed work and typed a few stray words here an there, just nudging things around really, and having no effect on the work. I’m just too damn tired to edit. Maybe I could write something new. I opened up a new page and stared at it for a bit. I was too damn tired for that, too. My mind, normally a babbling brook (and I have the babble to prove it), has become a turbid swamp, a fetid place where ideas go to die.

I have dozens of little bits that I’ve kept around as starting points to stories. I read over some of them but there was no spark, no inspiration, even on ones I rather liked.

It is not to be a day for words, it seems. I am sitting here, unable to squeeze out anything remotely… uh, your know. Even the Eels, more an exercise in typing than writing, left me blank and dumb.

So, um….

8 thoughts on “Tired, so very tired.

  1. Maybe you are feeling this way because its the weekend.

    You no longer go to an office M – F, but your body remembers that Sat & Sun are for kickin’ back, goin’ out, playin’ games, etc.. Have you introduced the honorable citizens of Prague to the game of poison, yet? No? Why not?

    Dammit Jer, I’m an accountant, not a doctor, but I’d say you need a beer run. Where did you leave that bell?

  2. Did you really mean to say that your mind was a turgid swamp (full to bursting, overflowing), or a turbid one (murky, cloudy, stagnant)?

    Well, as you said, “It is not to be a day for words.”

  3. Turbid, turgid. Who came up with all these dang words anyway? There shoulg be guidelines to keep words from being too similar. Error corrected.

  4. I was thinking that my new pad has a viable beer run, including a fairly steep hill. I did not bring the party bell with me.

    pL has a basketball, but the only hoop I’ve seen in the ‘hood is one behind the fence of a private athletic club. Maybe it’s time to nail a bushel to a tree.

  5. Maybe it’s your brain saying stop everything. I need a long break from all this.

    BTW I buy stuff from amazon. I’ll use the link.

  6. Thanks for the info. That looks to be a pretty good product.

    Crazily, I don’t crave a break at all. I get nervous if I go more that an hour or two without making progress on something. I wake up in the morning and I can’t roll over because I’ll think of a way to deal with some issue and there’s no sleeping when there’s an idea burning there, so up I get and the kettle is on and away I go. this morning I got up at 4:30. It’s nuts.

  7. I am getting currious… Hope all with your Pirates is going well, even at White, soft Sands… “The sea of sand”. I love the White Sand’s Dunes!

    Such interesting… when both of Bros Seegers are working on the script, and both of you are almost done these days… Wish you a success!

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