She Who Smiles Rarely is in fine form today.

I haven’t seen her for a while; I was starting to wonder if she still worked here at Crazy Daisy. No worries, on a quiet Sunday afternoon we are here together, and just as far apart as ever.

At one point as she was approaching my table I looked up, and I read her thoughts with startling clarity. She was preparing herself in case I smiled at her as she passed by, mustering the resolve to perhaps smile back a little if she had to. I looked back down at my work but smiled anyway, letting her off the hook but perhaps still sharing a little cheer.

I did get one smile, as she was taking my menu. It wasn’t even particularly forced.

2 thoughts on “She Who Smiles Rarely is in fine form today.

  1. herro…just dropped in, to see what condition yer condition was in..pre-nano nanoo nanutz!

    seems in fine fettle fer writing here jer; ie, wound up, frustrated, a little anxious … horny is gooood fer writin, hahahahahaaaaa. bummer bout the chick in the above post tho

    ok. i’ll go away now. hasta la laters dude!

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