My lucky day!

These things I know:

I will be in Dallas on March 7th. I intend to go straight from there to San Jose. There’s a Polkacide concert on the 10th in Oakland that I don’t want to miss. Jet lag and punk polka! Yowza! I need to be back in Dallas on April… um… 8th, I think. Road Trip Day will indeed be celebrated on the road.

I will be in Catania, Sicily, on June 19th.
I leave from Catania, Sicily on June 26th.

I missed out on the 50-cent round trip fare from Prague to Sicily and had to settle for the $5 rate. Of course, after all the airport taxes and other crap were piled on, the tickets ended up costing quite a bit more than that, but still it was just too cheap to pass up. I’m crossing my fingers that Mt. Etna erupts while I’m in the neighborhood (current status is orange, whatever that means). Syracuse is not far, and I’d love to hear other suggestions for places to visit as well.

When booking the flight to Dallas, I looked at the price, decided I could handle it, and went on to make the reservation. On the next page a notification came up. “This is your lucky day! We found a lower fare for that flight!” The amount saved: almost exactly what the tickets to Sicily ended up costing with all the fees and stuff. My lucky day, indeed.


7 thoughts on “My lucky day!

  1. Well, we have a friend whose mother is from Palermo, and we could ask him what is good to see and do in Sicily, but I’m not sure his ideas of entertainment would quite match with yours …

  2. According to the propaganda, Palermo has really cleaned up its act in the last 25 years. At the very least, the mob-releated violence is kept out of public view.

    I am now hoping Etna is quiet when I get there. There are some really sweet hiking excursions up on the mountain. Now I’m hoping for two days of hiking, followed by and unexpected large eruption. I think volcanos have a tougher time surprising people anymore.

  3. My house is slated to close on 3/15, although it could happen earlier, or not at all. I am willfully not looking past that date, but I might have both time and money about when you arrive. At a minimum, please come visit. I also need to get a car to Seattle at some point … and St. Paddy’s on the Island is 3/17. I don’t know what that means, but maybe you can use it.

    Just read “Soldier of the Great War”. A bit florid for me, but maybe a good read before Sicily. I’ve never been to Italia …

  4. Zorro told me about a trip he once took to Sicily. He was in a nice restaurant, and the waiters were all wearing white tuxedos with bow ties. He wanted more wine, and he called one of the older ones, who seemed to be standing idle. The entire place burst out laughing; he had just asked the local godfather to bring him the wine.

    Fortunately, at the time, he was a famous athlete, so everybody forgave him, and they all had a good time together — with plenty of wine.

  5. I’m going on SkyEurope — I just started guessing dates until I found the super-low fares each way. It looks like Tuesdays are the day to fly (at least that route).

    I also saw low fares to Split and other places, but I couldn’t find the cheapo rates both directions in my limited search.

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