Café Mia

I find myself in a very small place right now, a new (for me) little kavarna in fuego’s neighborhood. It is a nice place, warm, with four tables and three barstools. While it doesn’t have a fireplace, it does have a gas space heater that would probably be very pleasant to sit in front of in the event that winter were to make another attempt.

I am at the smallest table, with my laptop in my lap to leave room for beer on the table. (The tea was excellent, but I am starting to twitch.) In the wicker chair opposite mine, the bartender also has a notebook open in her lap. The only other customers are a pair of the bartender’s girlfriends; the very tall brunette is drinking espresso while the blonde sips her dark beer.

That’s it. Me, three pretty girls, and beer. This is a very good place to be.

4 thoughts on “Café Mia

  1. I liked the simplicity of that post, so I’m putting the later details here, below the fold as it were.

    The character of the night changed when fuego joined me. He settled into the chair the bartender had occupied, but we didn’t get right to work. Instead we enjoyed some homemade Slivovice, kicked back and chatted. I ordered a large pizza from a place the bartender recommended (she split a pizza with a friend as well.

    Other patrons began to arrive, all friends with the bartender, it seemed, and the bar’s Official Dog arrived.

    fuego and I tossed around story ideas but we only got a little bit of actual work done. The place closes early — we were just putting our noses to our respective grindstones when it was time to leave.

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