Mainly this is to tell all y’all that I will be moving today. The new digs are nice, but I won’t have Internet access there until I can get the cable run up to the flat. That requires talking to several people who don’t speak English. In the meantime I’ll pop by fuego’s pad periodically to check in.

On a related note, I will be starting czech lessons next week with a very pretty tutor whose boyfriend is a buddy of fuego’s. Here’s hoping Ivanka introduces me to her cute friends for “conversation practice”.

3 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Hi Jerry,

    Well, I just wrote you a long message, went to Preview, and lost the whole thing…. don’t know where it went to.

    But, I just wrote to tell you hi, Brian turned me onto your page & it is really exciting to hear that you are living in Prague and have become an aspiring writer…..

    Hopefully, you’ll be back on-line soon.

    Wishing you luck & best greetings,


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