Meddling Fool of an American!

I leave in a few hours. My procrastination skills have designated tonight an all-nighter.

Public transport from here to the airport is reliable, but not especially swift. Tonight I was sitting with MaK and she offered to drive me to the airport in the morning. I gratefully accepted. I said more than once, “you’re OK with showing up at that time?” She said that while she didn’t look forward to it, she was willing to do it. I was willing to incur the karmic debt.

Enter my brother. What had been a simple one-person-doing-another-person-a-favor transaction suddenly became complicated. Complicated to the point that I will not be getting a ride later this morning. He didn’t say they weren’t giving me a ride, he just revoked the commitment and said, “when do you need to know if we will be picking you up?”

Well, of course, given the relative speeds of the transportation involved, the difference is about an hour. What that means is that now in order to give me a ride to the airport MaK has to get up forty-five minutes earlier than she would have, just to tell me she’s coming. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. pL rewrote the rules to make it almost impossible for me to catch a ride.


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  1. My oldest brother got excited when my younger brother was born and had to go back to the hospital for hernia when he was a week or so old. He made a point of asking mom if she was returning him. She laughed and thought the four year old was cute. I don’t think my older brother acknowledged my younger brother was even alive for another ten or fifteen years. He pretended he’d been sucessfully returned.

    That is not a pretty story. Well sure hope you get to the plane ok. See ya once you hit this side of the pond. In theory.

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