In the Land of Enchantment

It was a good drive today, crossing the desert the easy way (Interstate), with only the occasional construction slowdown to distract my thoughts. Unfortunately, not much of what I thought about will be of interest until it finds it way into stories. So it goes.

There is this, though. If I had a place in Gallup that sold Green Chile Cheeseburgers, I would put up a billboard right at the border that said, “Welcome home! Your Green Chile Cheeseburger is waiting for you at Jer’s Burgerville. Turn right at exit 20.” It would be a valuable service to those of us with bad memories for places but good memories for flavors. I ended up at Blake’s in Grants. I ordered the Lottaburger and knew I was back in civilization when the girl asked “you want green chile on that?” It was OK, but far from a religious experience.

Right now I’m taking a little road break in a place with WiFi, then I will head on to the folks’ place. Hopefully I can ignore the Internet long enough there to get some of my ideas into more concrete form.

One thought on “In the Land of Enchantment

  1. Jerry,

    Nice to have you back in the states, if only temporarily. I’ve left the ‘Frog, and moved to Los Angeles. Doing a bit of writing myself. Nothing like the volume you’ve got, though.

    Drop me a line!


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