In the Land of Enchantment

It was a good drive today, crossing the desert the easy way (Interstate), with only the occasional construction slowdown to distract my thoughts. Unfortunately, not much of what I thought about will be of interest until it finds it way into stories. So it goes.

There is this, though. If I had a place in Gallup that sold Green Chile Cheeseburgers, I would put up a billboard right at the border that said, “Welcome home! Your Green Chile Cheeseburger is waiting for you at Jer’s Burgerville. Turn right at exit 20.” It would be a valuable service to those of us with bad memories for places but good memories for flavors. I ended up at Blake’s in Grants. I ordered the Lottaburger and knew I was back in civilization when the girl asked “you want green chile on that?” It was OK, but far from a religious experience.

Right now I’m taking a little road break in a place with WiFi, then I will head on to the folks’ place. Hopefully I can ignore the Internet long enough there to get some of my ideas into more concrete form.

1 thought on “In the Land of Enchantment

  1. Jerry,

    Nice to have you back in the states, if only temporarily. I’ve left the ‘Frog, and moved to Los Angeles. Doing a bit of writing myself. Nothing like the volume you’ve got, though.

    Drop me a line!


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