What Has it Gots In Its Pocketses?

Today I was cleaning out the pockets of the shorts I’ve been wearing. Here’s what I had:

$2.05 in small change (including some nickels that seem to be stamped wrong).
1 padlock key
1 California Angels bottle opener key ring with a miata key and a padlock key.
1 free-range Miata key
4 receipts crumpled to illegibility
1 battered Sony Ericsson mobile phone
1 Milk bone dog biscuit
1 Wallet with the usual stuff, including phone chips.

Of course, it’s the dog biscuit that got me typing. All but the wallet were in the front right pocket, as the left pocket has nothing but a gaping hole.

6 thoughts on “What Has it Gots In Its Pocketses?

  1. Ughhh…so the One ring was in the left pocket?!?!?!

    (p.s. in the grand MR&HBI tradition of typing faster than our fingers, I originally typed posket instead of pocket. I wonder what a posket is??)

  2. Okay….I am going to NOT ask about the left pocket since this is a family channel. But please someone in New Mexico tease him for me on that one ok?

    Dog bone isn’t the one on the list of stuff that will kill ya is it? Not good with beer I hear (I haven’t had the pleasure of dining on dog biscuits).

  3. I suppose at some point we ought to be trying to make our paths cross … aside from you dropping in on my office hours (Monday/Wednesday, 2:15 to 3 p.m. and 7:30 to 8 p.m., and Tuesday/Thursday 7 to 7:30 p.m. in room J 121 at CNM Montoya campus), we probably ought to arrange a specific time and place to be at the same time and place as each other.

    This Wednesday, Tadpole has a Boy Scout Court of Honor at which he is to get his Life rank, and it would be nifty if you could get to that. Unfortunately, a lot of the family’s schedule has been such that Tadpole hasn’t had a lot of family at his Boy Scout events, so getting one of his Magic Uncles there would be really special.

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