Crazy Weather

I’m sitting in a pleasant bar/café, sipping Earl Grey, munching a bagel (occasionally wiping the cream cheese off my keyboard), watching out a large picture window as the wind drives the trees into a frenzy. The walk over here was quite the little trek; we marched straight into the face of the storm and arrived sodden in front and dry in back. As we walked through the nearly-deserted pedestrian mall alarms were going off in the buildings all around us, triggered by the violent thunderclaps. As we walked, fuego gestured. “Sky’s blue right over there.”

It is not raining anymore (or, more precisely, it’s not raining at this moment), but the weather is still much better to watch than to be in. Another pub day. It’s New Year’s Eve, and apparently Galway is where folks from Dublin come to party down. We plan to stake out our turf early in a pub that will have local music later; even on regular nights they’re difficult to sit down in once the evening sets in. Today will require dedication and endurance to get a prime spot. We are up for the challenge.

10 thoughts on “Crazy Weather

  1. Happy New Year to all the students, faculty and janitorial staff of Muddled U!

    Don’t forget to watch the Suicide Squirrels in the BCS Champeenship game!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Speaking of the BCS, I’m asking all the Muddled Ramblers (except Jerry, no offense) to root for Boise State this PM. A victory by that team would make the BCS bigwigs sweat for a week.

  3. What a game last night, eh? Rooting for Boise State and the WAC all the way. It was the only game I managed to watch start to finish, and (obviously) I’m glad I did. Although you wouldn’t know it from football (you might from basketball), SDSU is in the WAC, too (along with UNM and NMSU).

  4. It was a terrific game. You gotta love an institution with the initials BSU. All the trick plays at the end of regulation and in OT were really fun to watch.

    Like Boise State, NMSU is in the WAC, but SDSU and UNM (both formerly WAC schools) are now in the separatist Mountain West Conf.

    In any case, it was great to see David slay Goliath and to know that the BCS officials are once again squirming over the illegitimacy of the BCS “arrangement” when compared to, say, a 16 team playoff.

  5. Well, we were watching the MWC resaults, and the BSC just kept running in. We tried to turn into the WACK, but the BSC kept getting worse. We called the SRT and explained the problems, and how David sure took it to Goliath in the OT, but it didn’t change the Runs From Bad Beer (RFBB) ratio. The SRT, well into OT at this point, pointed out that we didn’t have a problem, it’s just that we seem to be FOS.

  6. Hi Jerk, did you notice that MOH59K9 was from WI and was gone in zero seconds? I’m sure its not our fault.

    Hi Jer, are visitors from the hut also called egg friers? If not, do we need another title?

  7. I thought Mountain West Conference was the Western half of the Western Athletic Conference? I guess that was from a couple of years ago when there were 16 teams and two divisions within the WAC. Drat…I was rooting for the wrong team all night. I guess I was for the Sooners.

    What conference do the Chargers play in? Ever since the NFL went with the blasphemy of “north” and “south” conferences, I’ve been confused there, too.

  8. I believe that visitors from the hut are Hutsters. fuego called the changing of the guard to my attention this evening; I’ll try to get the sidebar updated tomorrow.

  9. Yeah, the BCS is screwed up, but I do believe Ohio State indeed belongs in the championship game.

    As for Boise State, way to go! Show everybody how screwed up the whole bowl system is. Officially, yeah, it’s about how good the team is, but really, it’s about which team gets the best gate revenues. That’s how the NCAA basketball tournament is, too. The powers-that-be want to sell tickets and television advertising time, not promote who the actual best team is.

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