Another Big Day

Today I flirted a bit with a pretty girl, and I showered. Nearly missed the bus, saw some old stuff, ate some good food. Sicily, man, Sicily. It’s easy to get used to being here.

9 thoughts on “Another Big Day

  1. You either have just clocked or are about to clock another Big Number … I’m #75,019.

    Did I get MOH this time?

  2. Sorry CA, you are not the MOH this time around for several reasons.

    As I said, MOH 75K11 (first prime # after 75K [see Mr7K rule]) is from Santa Cruz, CA. The runners up were visitor #75,013 from Mansfiled, OH and visitor # 75,017 from Omaha, NE.

    75,019 is not actually prime (e.g. 10,717 x 7), so it isn’t a “big number”.

    I sure hope MOH75K11 identifies himself/herself as this is a significant milestone (Diamond Anniversary?) of the office.

  3. Looking at the SiteMeter history, I believe I’m the once and current MOH.

    Bob, why isn’t the hit from Hawaii right after me the runner up? I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t know what the criteria for disqualification are.

  4. So the way I read this you flirted, and then HAD to go take a shower. She must have been quite the flirt. It’s amazing what you writers can convey with just punctuation and a conjunction.

  5. Congratulations John! Diamond Anniversary MOH. (DAMOH?)

    The visitor from Honolulu was indeed right after you and, consequently, was visitor #75012 which is not prime.

  6. Wow! John continues to impress with his nothingness. While all the pervious MOHs talk about laissez faire, governing best by governing least, yada yada yada, John raises it to an art form. We are halfway thru his term as DAMOH, and I’m not sure how many Muddled Ramblers even know it started. He is the Lord of Lethargy, the Emperor of Ennui, and the Burgermeister of Bupkiss. His dedication to sloth is contagious; even the comments are slowing down. Jesse’s chatter about deficiencies in the National Nuclear Safety System may attract some … new visitors to MR&HBI, but I doubt they will post any comments. Our only hope is that Jer and pL will return soon from their Mediterranean Volcano Tour.

  7. Volcano tour is over. Film Festival starts in two days. Since I’ll be in the same town for the entire week I should find a way to get online more regularly. We’ll see.

    The rest of the day will be devoted to getting the blog caught up and a bunch of other non-fiction stuff.

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