It’s the Heat, AND the Humidity

We siesta’d through the heat of the afternoon, then went out for a most pleasant dinner at a little hole-in-the wall place. It was the most relaxed meal we’ve had here yet, and prices were reasonable. The place had about eight tables but it was early when we got there and at first we had the place to ourselves.

The food was quite good (you may be catching on by now that the eating is good in these parts), and once again we got a little adventurous with one order; we got ricotta-stuffed pasta with cuttlefish ink sauce. (This was partly due to the inspriation of my Cuttlefish Man post a while back.) That dish was merely good rather than great, but visually striking, as the sauce was completely, opaquely, black.

Earlier in the day we went to check out the old Greek theater (right next to the slightly-less-old Roman Theatre), which was all right, but nothing like the photos in the books and on posters. The difference is that the old greek theater is still used for productions, so much of the seating area has wooden benches on it to protect the stone, and there are modern lighting towers and whatnot directed at the very modern set on stage. Nearby there were some cool caves — literally cool, which was a welcome respite from the heat of the day.

We tromped back to the hostel after that, stopping for sorbet on the way. It was good but I was tempted to pour the ice concoction on my head.

3 thoughts on “It’s the Heat, AND the Humidity

  1. Just stumbled on this mildly interesting site. I found it by seeing a link to a map where each U.S. state is renamed for the country with the most similar GDP. The GDP map is numbered 131 (the blog doesn’t seem to operate on dates but rather on numbered entries).
    All hail Hungary. But it begs the question “what is the gross domestic output of hungarian paprika compared to Hatch chile??”

  2. Hmmm …. I’ve just been reading a historical novel in which the Hungarians are pretty good soldiers, but utterly inept (and often corrupt) politicians.

    I think there might be something there …

  3. LANL security in headline news again. Ya know…ever since the Boys left LA, security at LANL has just not been that good. Coincidence? I think not.

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