A few words of introduction

Late one night I was watching anime (it could have been any of them), and the Mysterious Girl was introduced to the class as a transfer student. I found myself thinking, man, you’d think by now students in Japan would know that transfer students always mean trouble. The following story is based on that thought. In this Japan, just about everyone has a mysterious past, parents are rare or nonexistent, little girls can build killer robots, and transfer students mean trouble. A lot of trouble. She might be a killer angel, a robot with a cat brain, or a demon hunter who has lost her powers, but one way or another the transfer student’s arrival heralds untold destruction.

Of course, this would be disorienting to anyone visiting Anime Japan from a more rational part of the universe. Enter Allison, who has no idea that in this place demons are real (although difficult to tell from angels), someone on the faculty of every school has a secret lab stashed away in the basement, that the government regularly experiments on the most innocent of schoolgirls, and a house filled with girls wearing only towels isn’t complete without a clumsy geeky guy somehow living among them.

Allison expected to have some difficulty adapting to Japanese culture, but nothing could have prepared her for this. Perhaps through some cosmic mix-up she got on the wrong plane in Los Angeles; it would have meant nothing to her that everyone else in line had spiky, colored hair. Perhaps some greater force decided it was time to blur the line between that world and our own. Allison has never seen an anime in her life, and now she is living in one.

That would be difficult enough, but of course she’s a transfer student as well.

Before you start

There are a couple of things that might make reading a little more pleasant: First, Don’t worry about the names. I sure can’t remember them, so I don’t expect you to. (I’ve never put the database in Jer’s Novel Writer to heavier use.) The names are Japanese so you don’t have preworn grooves in your brain for them; I don’t even expect you to recognize gender by the name. I tried to pick names that weren’t too similar. Still, there are a lot of names that come at you right off the bat. Just relax and go with it, they are just voices in the crowd; when those people come back in any significant way I will be sure to remind you which archetype is being referred to. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the anime references, you’re no worse off than Allison.

Second, writing things like this is what I do when you would watch TV. It’s a brain-switched-off activity, when I need to relax and not take myself so seriously. While I’ve been making a little bit of effort (very little) to raise the quality bar for the fiction here at Muddled Ramblings, you’re not going to find any Pulitzer-quality prose below. This is just recreational writing that I have decided to share with you. (You don’t have to thank me; it’s what I do.)

As a final note, the icon that appears next to the titles of the episodes is Club-To-Death Angel Dokuro-Chan, a sweet little angel with cute wings, a halo (which turns out to be wicked sharp), and a deadly spiked bat that complements her short temper. She, is, of course, a transfer student.

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