Sick as a Dog

This will be a short episode, since I have to use my eyes to write it. My eyes hurt. My head hurts. My lungs hurt. My muscles ache, especially my back. The only time my back is happy is when I’m standing up, but I’m just not up for that sort of exertion. I spent the day tossing and turning, watching the sky become gradually brighter and then watching it get darker again.

I’ve made a couple of half-hearted attempts at doing something useful, but no, there will be none of that.

I made a comment earlier that most of the time I enjoy being single. When I’m sick may be the only exception to the rule. I thought about it this afternoon and it’s not so much the pampering I miss but the sympathy. I just want someone close by who can listen to my complaining and feel sorry for me. Somehow that makes the suffering much more tolerable.

Tomorrow will be better.

7 thoughts on “Sick as a Dog

  1. Two weeks ago I was sick. Mom actually brought me food. I would have sipped water and waited until I could crawl to the kitchen had I been on my own. Sorry to read you are feeling poorly. *empathy*

  2. Not so close by, but you do have my sympathy. I would bring you chicken broth and pain relievers if I lived next door.

    And a big, fluffy, polyester blanket to make you sweat it out.

    Sleep, and remember your dreams.


  3. Won’t be writing any stories about the dreams — except the dreams that seemed to be based on the stories I’m already working on. I have too may of those going right now anyway.

  4. Sure that sounds like something I say and next thing I know Aser is gleefully laughing as I dump a few episodes on her plate.

    Night Time was entirely from a dream/nightmare sort of episode in my reali life. I will leave you to figure out what ;)

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