Writing in Bozeman

Been getting a lot done here in Bozeman, mostly fixing bugs in Jer’s Novel Writer and going over The Monster Within. The thing’s going to come out to about 600 pages, I think.

I’ve spent a lot if time in this chair, with my laptop in my lap of all places, and my ass getting sweaty. It’s a well-designed chair, comfy and all, but it’s leather and after a few hours things get damp down there. I need to be going to bars more, sitting on wood, drinking beer pulled from taps, and chatting up waitresses. Instead I have been content most of the time to sit here with a sweaty ass.

Speaking of bars, I haven’t done any writing there, but I have certainly spent plenty of time at the Aleworks. John is a bit more than simply a regular there. On the day I came into town he waited for me and after I had hung out for a while it was time to go for a beer and a bite to eat. We got down there and the girl at the door said, “John! We were worried about you.” OK, I think he qualifies as a fly. We’ve been back almost every day since. I would guess that John has more than half his meals there.

That’s all for today. The novel needs more work, and the TV ate my brain.

2 thoughts on “Writing in Bozeman

  1. I hope at least you are enjoying the sound system as you sweat yer ass off!

    I can attest to a time when John was still working on becoming a regular. They were just learning his name at the time.

    By the way, Marianna has cut all of her hair off! Well, I did the cutting, but with her urging, and that was before the beers!

  2. How much is all? Like, ALL all? Or like, way short?

    Sounds like John’s in the Aleworks like we’re at the Dam Site. They see us coming, they bring out our pitcher.

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