The Writer Look

I’ve got the look, as I sit here in my mickey mouse boxers and gray t-shirt, unshaven, hair untamed. I almost forgot to put on my pants when I took the dogs for a walk. All I need is some scotch to sip.

16 thoughts on “The Writer Look

  1. You’ll have to come to Five O’Clock Somewhere to find it. If you go to the Palm Harbor website, our floorplan is the biggest doublewide they make, and you can locate the dining room, so you can go straight there when you get to the place for real.

  2. Or you can just come staggering through the door with a deranged look on your face, look about wildly with bulging eyes and shout “Whiskey!”

    Someone will bring you some, I bet.

  3. Actually, the pups would have difficulty with the simple demand “Whiskey!” They wouldn’t know whether to bring bourbon, Irish, blended, or good ‘ol single malt scotch, and they don’t have a good way to ask.

    The little store in Chama (picture pending) had only one type of single malt. I have augmented the liquor cabinet here.

  4. Hmmm… part of the reason we had Scotch in the liquor cabinet was to try to attempt to get Pat’s dad to visit. Pat’s dad ordinarily drinks something that in taste closely resembles drain cleaner — but he absolutely insists that it be Scotch — not bourbon, or Irish, or Canadian. I can’t tell how he tells the difference between one kind of rotgut and another.

    So for Father’s Day, and for his birthday, and for Christmas, we send him a bottle of pretty good stuff. It’s usually blended rather than single-malt, but he greatly enjoys it. So we stocked Five O’Clock Somewhere with the kind of Scotch we know he loves but is too much of a skinflint to buy for himself. We keep hoping we can find some incentive for him to come and visit, but he’s really not inclined to leave his tropical climate. (He considers Houston to be part of the frigid North!)

  5. When talking single malt, you need to be clear about which side of the country and how far north. There is a difference between them all. And some just will not suffice.

  6. I like the ones that come in a cylindrical box, and printed on the box is a map of Scotland, with a little “you are here” type arrow to show where that particular single-malt came from. That way, you can pick out EXACTLY which source you want.

  7. I prefer the highland malts, though there are a couple of island malts I’m partial to. The only single malt available in Chama is The Glenlivit. It’s OK, but I prefer peatier.

  8. Maybe I can get by Kelly’s or Quarters before we head north tomorrow. Where should the “you are here” arrow point? Does Glenfiddich suffice?

  9. Don’t worry about it. I got The Glenlivit and it’s doing just fine. For the record, my favorite easily-obtained Scotch is Laphroaig.

  10. Kentucky Jack – that’s what you need! None of that hoity toity European stuff. Good, ol, hard working Kentucky Jack Bourbon 0 imported directly from the Czech Republic!

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