The Other Rooms in Hell

But what are the other rooms in Hell, and what would they be like? Hell’s bathroom?

Hell’s bedroom is fertile ground for marriage jokes, but let’s face it, the potential for pain and humiliation is greater there than anywhere else. Hell’s foyer would, I think, be understated and tastefully decorated. Hell’s dining room, on the other hand, would have all sorts of fine china, but you have to eat with hammers..

I think I would like to visit Hell’s library. Taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Mmmm… magically delicious!

What about Hell’s laundry room? Hell’s garage?

2 thoughts on “The Other Rooms in Hell

  1. I was pretty sure Hell’s Kitchen was wherever my mother was cooking. Ahh the good old days, when dad would come in from work and say “Kids, what’s your mother got on for dinner?”. My brother and I would look at each other in a moment of panic and shrug wide-eyed and say…maybe some kind of meat. We learned about carbon on the periodic chart very early in life.

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