TFNIWLNW Reality check

While I remind myself that I am writing for myself and no one else, it’s been a while since the sweet-o-meter has been clicked for an episode of TFNIWLNW, and the comments have dried up, and as far as I can tell no one has shared links to the episodes with anyone else. So at this point I suspect that I’m writing for only me.

Through other channels a couple of folks have said they’re enjoying it, and I am Really Stoked about the upcoming episode (we get to see what the Soul Thieves are capable of), and overall that’s what matters.

But, if you like it, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you were to let me know. You’d even make my day if you mentioned what parts you like, and even what you don’t. And if someone else says something you don’t agree with, a little brush fire can be fun, too. Doesn’t mean I’ll change (that would imply a better plan than I have anyway), but I’d still like to hear from y’all.

And I’m not going to get that movie deal if people never see it. So pass it around. I’ll be adding previous/next links to the episodes to make the story easier to follow, and I think I’ll be adding more about the process in comments from here out to provide another layer of entertainment. But I’d really like it to be a discussion, rather than me going blah, blah, blah.

I think I may have discouraged discussion with my rather absolute pronouncements about back story and exposition in previous comments. Um… sorry? To make up for it, I think I’ll sneak in a backstory episode for Katherine and another for Martin — or maybe for his dark-bladed knife. That little piece of cutlery has a story to tell for sure.


14 thoughts on “TFNIWLNW Reality check

  1. I was just thinking this morning of the Bags backstory, and how a backstory for Katherine and the foul mouthed Elena would resemble Goldman’s Princess Bride and the backstories, stuck in the middle, could be like the chapters on Inigo and Fizzik.

    I for one am beginning to doubt the veracity second N in the title.

    • off topic, but once – a long time ago on this blog – Keith commented something about how he knew he was getting old because some favorite teenhood song appeared in a commercial. – just saw the GOP race referred to as a mosh pit. Wow. Would 60+ yr olds even know what that means.

  2. sweeting the sweet button.

    My issue is the episodes are too short. And a stand alone linking – like Allison in Animeland – would be good.

    • Previous-Next links are in, and tested… mostly. Well, some. I changed the links to the first three episodes to simplify my life, so if you have shared a link to episode one, it’s not going to work anymore. The good news is, sharing a link to episode one now will allow a reader to continue through the story.

  3. The episodes are indeed short, but they’re well encapsulated. I imagine a printed novel comprised of chapters so short would feel fragmented, but the structure would lend itself nicely to a video presentation with ample opportunity for commercial breaks.

    Or it could simply be what it is — a micro-serialized story written by a blogger, making it up as he goes. I suspect you have some ideas about where it’s all headed, but you’re not outlining and writing drafts (or so I’d like to think), so new ideas appear with no foreshadowing.

    It’s cool, and I’m waiting for the next installment.

    • Well said. And my comment about eps too short was intended as coded compliment, i.e. I am really enjoying. But it probably came out more as a criticism.

  4. I’m enjoying it and I like the characters. I also loved Allison in Anime land and would enjoy some more adventures for her as well

    • I have always intended to revisit that world; but I haven’t been watching the right cartoons lately. It’s gotta happen someday, though.

      It’s that dang job that takes up all my time (that I actually enjoy, but still…). If only there were some way to make a living at this.

  5. You guys are awesome. I was honestly worried that the episodes were too long, and I was trying to keep each one a tight little nugget. I might allow myself to, well, ramble a little more. One thing I often skimp on is descriptive detail, so maybe I can add some richness and become a better writer at the same time.

    While I do have an overall plan for the story (sort of), the next episode has something I didn’t plan at all — but I think is awesome.

    You all have actually only seen a small fraction of Bags’ backstory, which took up a big chunk of my NaNoWriMo time this year. It contains some ideas that inform future events, however, so I will have to be judicious on how I share it. I’ve been pondering the knife’s backstory, which I’ve already alluded to in the main text. There’s definitely some evil there, but knives don’t care about that shit.

    And on top of everything else, thanks for your support! I really appreciate you guys, and I’m glad you’re still on board. Please feel free to comment on episodes, and, well, spread the love if you know some readers out there who might like this. I’ve experimented with publishing a “second draft” serial somewhere that might get more attention, but so far haven’t found the right place. In the meantime, I will continue to share episodes of TFNIWLNW right here.

  6. Please email me your ego so that I might stroke it. I love this story, and have none of the issues as a reader that you have with it as a writer. I would (still) subsidize this kind of thing if it was e.g. serialized on e.g. kickstarter (100 x $1 contributions and the world gets another chapter). You could probably make 5 figures off the book (at current chapter size), get feedback, and still have the rights to publish. Please do not drop this story line until you have reached what you consider some kind of denouement (a word with one too many ‘e’s for my liking).

    • Well, bug, now you’ve set me to thinkin’. 100 donations per episode is a pretty long reach, considering that *far* fewer than 100 people are reading for free right now. But with a little organization and marketing, something could work. Perhaps each episode costs a little more than the one before (on the assumption that over time the audience would build), and people who contribute past a certain amount get a free, signed hard copy when all is done.

      Perhaps donors for a given chapter could have early access, but then I’d have to manage a list for every episode launch. In any event I’d have to set up a new home for the story, where it can have its own ecosystem. Probably a good idea to do that in any case. Which brings me to… the title. While I’ve actually grown kind of fond of The Fantasy Novel I’ll Likely Never Write, it may not look so good to strangers with no appreciation of irony, and cause hesitation when it’s time to click the ‘donate’ button.

      War of Souls? Hrmf. Putters off to the new TLD’s to see if there’s a clever match…

      Is Indiegogo more suited to this, rather than all-or-nothing kickstarter? What about that GoFundMe thing? Does anyone out there know anything about this stuff?

  7. I learned about this site from NPR of all things. The story is childish, but the website blows me away and the author obviously has a following. It seems their web work is freely available, and then the package it up at intervals and sell the books… doesn’t matter that fans have already seen the stuff for free.

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