Programming note

Oh, hey, by the way, I’m on the cover over at Piker Press this week for a rather silly story I could swear I posted here a while back, but now I just can’t find it. This version is improved in any case.

At least, I think I’m there – I can’t load the page right now.

On the subject of getting published, I had a letter waiting for me when I got home last night. It was a slip from a large paying magazine, rejecting a story. The note was brief and said (in only slightly friendlier language) “We rejected you story either because it was stale, sloppy, or (most likely) it just plain sucked. Or there might have been another reason.” Obviously in my case it couldn’t possibly have been any of the three stated cases – I suspect it was just too long for a first-timer.

Yeah, too long. That’s it.

So let it be known far and wide that Realms of Fantasy magazine was the first paying market to reject a story by Jerry Seeger. Old Town will have to find a home somewhere else.

5 thoughts on “Programming note

  1. The only way I can usually tolerate speculative fiction is if it is silly, so “I Saw Them First” is right up my alley. Well done!

    After reading it, though, I’m surprised to see that the suicide squirrel alert level is still yellow. That seems like orange behavior to me.

  2. Excellent. Will fit very nicely next to Hell Cricket in the Jerry Seeger Anthology. I especially liked the twisting of “not if you’re the last man on earth” and the nod to Buckeroo Bonzai.

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