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<a href=”http://www.pikerpress.com/” class=”newWin”>Piker Press</a> is running a story of mine this week, and since it’s on the front page it even has an illustration with it, which is pretty cool. I mentioned the story briefly a while back in an episode where I was working on a story at the clip of one paragraph per hour, and then I took a break and cranked out the first draft of another story in about the time it took to type it. This is the easy story, a lightweight but fun little tale of demon summoning and retribution. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Now that the next issue is up, the story (without illustration) can be found here.


5 thoughts on “On the cover over at Piker Press

  1. What a fun story.

    Just one teeennnssy quibble: prophesy with an s, pronounced prof-uh-sigh, is a verb, meaning to foretell. I assume you really meant prophecy with a c, pronounced prof-uh-see, which is a noun meaning a prediction or foretelling.

    But otherwise, it was a great read, with a nifty ending.

  2. I’ll see if I can prevail upon the Piker folks to correct my spelling error (a distinct advantage of electronic publishing).

    Lydia, I’ve idly tossed a sequel around in my head, possibly in the form of correspondence between the demon and his little princess (I managed to dodge naming the two characters in this story), in which she laments how cold it is on the earthly plane and how all the boys should be named Poopy McPoopyhead. I haven’t stumbled upon the point around which the story would pivot, however. (Call it a crux if you want; to me it’s more like a fulcrum.) Another possibility is a first-person story from Prince Charming’s point of view.

  3. Can you get them to fix my typo in the comment, as well? It was absolutely fun to read.

    “Run to read” works, too; its either an urgent suggestion or an imitation of “Rastro” of Jetsons fame (may Joseph Barbera rest in peace.)

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