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My short story “The Tourist” is on the cover of the Christmas issue over at Piker Press. The story takes place in the world first started with my story “Tin Can“, which appeared over there some time back. Depending on how you count things, this is either the fifth or seventh entry in the series. (There are a couple of stories that take place in the asteroid belt that have a similar voice but which aren’t — yet — connected in any concrete manner.)

Hats off as well to Sand Pilarski for an illustration that really fits the piece. It’s simple, but it really works for me.

I just reread the story, and while I like it quite a lot, there are a couple of places when I needed to pause for a moment, to allow the reader to react before being swept away in the ensuing events. One of those is the second paragraph. I may ask the Piker editors if I can sneak in another sentence there. There are also a couple of sentences I worked really hard on, that present pretty complex ideas, that get a little lost. (How many times did I go over the story? A hundred? I suppose there will always be something that could be made a little bit better.) Overall, though, it’s a not a bad read, if I do say so myself.

This also marks the third anniversary of my Piker Press debut, the story “The Cowboy God” which was on the cover of the Christmas issue in 2004. That debut was a big deal for me, my first real publication. I was in Moravia at the time, unable to get online, and I was going nearly crazy trying to make sure everything had come out right. A lot has happened in the last three years, and I will be forever grateful to the ongoing support of my fellow Pikers.

So Happy Jerry’s Piker Debut Day, or any other holiday you may wish to celebrate today.

Addendum: Thanks to the Piker Press staff for incorporating my edits, not just once, but twice. The story is better now in ways quite possibly visible only to me. Although there is that one missing comma…


11 thoughts on “On the Cover at Piker Press

  1. Why, thank you, Jerry, for the compliment on the art. And sure, you can switch a few words. Just let me know.

    Merry Jerry’s Piker Debut Day, and may we see lots of him in the Press.

  2. Keith: I assume that’s you at 92,002. So close. I’m just sitting here waiting for the next MOH. Will they do anything with the space reserved just for them? I had hopes for Lydia, but unless she does something in the next few minutes, her tenure will pass like an Egg Friar’s.

  3. As Lydia joins the ranks of the Pervious, I’d like to be the first to congratulate Squirrely Joe on his triumphant ascension to MOH93K3dom.

  4. December has traditionally been a slow month, and this year was no exception. January, however, is usually the busiest. I credit a pent-up demand for time-wasting activities at work after the holidays.

  5. Ah, I see. I’m just trying to get in a few days of asshattery before the end of the year. Screwing off at government expense? Use ’em or lose ’em!

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