Kansas, They Say, is a Good Place to Write

It’s getting close to official; I have verbally committed to attending a writing workshop (actually two of them) this summer in Lawrence, Kansas. Pending acceptance in the second workshop, I’ll be spending three weeks there — the first two weeks working on short stories and the last two weeks on The Monster Within. For those who have already done the math, yes, that’s a pretty intense middle week.

As I write this, I’m pretty excited. Criticism is something I don’t get enough of; I have a core of friends I tap from time to time and they are great, but it’s time to broaden my circle, to actually venture out and become part of the writing community, to learn to give criticism gently and accept it gracefully. And praise, I suppose — it would be nice if there was some of that as well. Some of these people I meet may well be influencing factors in my pursuit of a Master’s degree as well.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to stand among writers, say, “I, too am a writer,” and not get the feeling that I may be exaggerating a little bit.

So, the goals are many, the opportunities prodigious.

And, heck! Kansas! In the summer! What could possibly be better than that?

3 thoughts on “Kansas, They Say, is a Good Place to Write

  1. Ah…do we get to tease you later about Kansas? I hope you have fun. I generally avoid the middle section of America from about May through October – that pesky heat thing.

  2. Lawrence is a charming town, and an easy drive from here. And it has a great yarn shop, so I am always looking for another reason to go there. “No, I’m not driving five hours to look at yarn – I’m driving five hours to have lunch with Jerry at the place near the yarn shop.” Help me out here, buddy.

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