Well, the only way I’m going to get that dang Day of Atonement out of my head is to write the dang thing. However, I can’t just go dropping everything else every time I become infatuated with a new idea. The only way I can justify writing this is to get it finished quickly.The good news is it will be more novella-sized — about 70K words I’m guessing — which is possible in a month without too much trouble.

So I’m declaring June to be JerNoWriMo in the grand tradition of National Novel Writing Month.

What does this mean to you, the blog-reading public? Will my media empire languish for the rest of the month? Probably not. I spend several hours a day writing anyway, so what I’m writing probably wont affect you much. In fact, I’ve got a couple episodes saved up for a rainy day. I have added a JerNoWriMo counter to the main page, however, so those who care can follow my progress.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “JerNoWriMo

  1. Good luck, Jerry! I took June off from writing for the Press to edit one of my books. June is a good month for things.

  2. Interesting thing about NaNoWriMo … when people understand what you’re trying to do, they get really accommodating. Case in point: Last November, on weekends when the sailing club was doing regattas on Elephant Butte, I was cloistered with a laptop in Room 5 of the Charles Motel in TorC working on my NaNo project. The proprietress of the Charles took special interest in my progress.

    This spring, we went back to the Charles, and she asked me how my novel was going. I was forced to admit that I hadn’t really done much with it since November. She told me that that meant I just needed to spend more time in Room 5. She even offered me a really good monthly rate.

    I do realize, however, that I do need good motivation. Perhaps I could parallel you in JerNoWriMo — in the effort toward completing the NaNo project that has stalled, I will try to keep my word count up to yours. It’s stalled at 59,204 words, so if I subtract that from my word count, I get a number with which I must keep up with you.

    Meanwhile, if anyone here knows anything about Georgia, especially T’bilisi, it would be useful for my research. I’m especially interested in the caravanserai.

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