An assistant editor at Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (the person who plucked my story from the anonymous slush pile) has posted and interview (actually more like a questionaire) in which I go on about my work and the state of Science Fiction in general. I only get pedantic a couple of times. Check it out!

11 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Let me know if you have trouble with the link – I’m not sure it’s working right but it may just be my connection.

    Since I may not have Internet for a few days, if you have a more successful link please post it here, using an anchor tag — <a href=”http://etc”>words</a>

  2. I just realized that you don’t have any baby tees or tanks for your hot shirts – come on now. You need some shirts for us girlies.

  3. Hmm, not only did I dispose of the self-described nagging MOH, in my expert timing I prevented visitor 43,004, an aol member searching for “overeasy eggs,” from becoming MOH.

    And one can only shudder to think what would have happened if visitor 43,001 had delayed 2 visits longer: this miscreant from the hearthnhome domain (Muscatine, Iowa) was searching for “hot girlie pics in baby tees”, and apparently ‘hit on’ Amy’s comment above.

  4. It wouldn’t be the first time that Amz was hit upon. Maybe in this blog but c’mon people!

    I still scratch my head over the comment above, “I’ll get right on the, amz.” Perhaps a slip de freud?

  5. Wow, Jerry, thanks for updating the MOH corner so quickly after I sent you the new picture. I am inspired to put pen to rice paper…

    Pervious please note
    Jer rewards the gentle soul
    Not the nagging mouth

  6. Can you guys do me a favor? If you liked the interview, could you put a comment over there? That guy may see my name in the slush pile again, and I want his first reaction to be a happy one.

    Edited to add: or, if any of my responses raised questions, you could ask them there and I will clamber back up onto my soap box to answer.

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