It’s a common occurrence, unfortunately. I will get an idea. “What a good idea!” I say to myself, “that’s a keeper!” Happened just last night.

The next thing that happens is I talk myself out of dropping whatever it is I’m doing to write it down. (This is exactly why Jer’s Novel Writer has margin notes, so I don’t have to drop what I’m doing to jot things down.) Of course, if I don’t write it down immediately all I will ever remember later is that I thought that idea was so good I wouldn’t forget it.

Last night’s idea happened between the Little Café Near Home and home. I was walking, had the idea, and thought “OK, first thing when I get home, I’m writing this down.” “Relax, dude,” another part of my brain said, perhaps personified by a little devil sitting on my shoulder. “There’s no way you’re forgetting this one… uh, what was it again?”

Just like that it was gone.

7 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. And what were you saying about using your mini-tape recorder? Hmmmm…and you laughed at me when I said I did post-it notes.

  2. Laughing? Surely not. Post-its are a perfectly reasonable way to jot things down (unless you’re already driving, drinking coffee, shaving, talking on the phone, and applying makeup). Post-its would be difficult for me, however, as the convergence of me, pen, and blank post-it would be rare. (I have piles of other objects with notes on them.) The voice recorder is cool, but I don’t carry it everywhere. Best answer for me might be to program my phone so that one of the shortcut buttons activates the sound recording feature.

  3. Nice job on the “massive changes … behind the scenes”. Whatever you did seems to be working great.

    The only changes I have noticed are that the fonts on the comments on the side bar seem different and the Suicide Squirrel looks more sinister than ever (but that could just be me).

  4. I don’t remember which waitress at Callahan’s it was looking over my shoulder as I drew the squirrel. I intended it only as a placeholder until I could find someone with some measure of skill to replace it.

    “What the hell is that?” she asked.

    Maybe it was Leah (rhymes with Mia); she had the spunk to say something like that.

  5. I amm glad to hear other people have the same memory problem I do.

    The ‘puter store on campus sells plug in microphones for the iPod so students can record lectures. Mighht be an expensive, hi-tech solution to this problem.

  6. Number-one use for microphones plugged into an iPod: record answers or formulas before going in to take an exam. It’s the high-tech version of crib notes.

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